Thursday, November 15, 2012

Upcoming Events!


Our newly-founded Youth Ministry Team took the time to come up with the following Fellowship (fun) events and Service opportunities for this year!

Please put these on your calendars and let Megan know by the deadlines if you plan to attend!

Date/Time                                Event                              Other Information

Oct. 27, '12
Help at the UNICEF Carnival at church, then go to MOA for unlimited rides!  (Service hours and Fun!)
Deadline to sign-up:  Oct. 22
Feel free to bring one friend.
Cost of rides at MOA: $21.50 OR $10.75 if you volunteer at the carnival!
Nov. 14, '12
Pizza dinner, then Feed My Starving Children.  (Service hours!)
Deadline to sign-up:  Nov. 9
Feel free to bring one friend.
Bring $5 for pizza dinner.
Dec. 15, '12
Christmas Cheer!
Baking cookies together and delivering them to our church leaders and homebound members.  (Service hours!)
Deadline to sign-up:  Dec. 9
Feel free to bring one friend.
Jan. 18, - Jan. 19, '13
Winter Lock-In.
Spend the night at the church, playing games, watching movies, hanging out with friends!
Deadline to sign-up:  Jan. 4
Feel free to bring 2 friends.
Bring a snack or drink to share.
Feb. 1-3, '13
9-12th graders are invited to a United Methodist Youth Conference for the weekend!
(Possible service hours!)
Deadline to sign-up:  Jan. 11
Feel free to bring one friend.
Cost: to be announced.
March 2, '13
Afton Alps Ski Day.
7-12th graders and mentors, families, and friends are invited to hit the slopes for the day!
Deadline to sign-up:  Feb. 10
Feel free to bring one friend.
Cost:  $25 all day IF we get 10 people!
April 28, '13
Deadline to sign-up:  April 21
Feel free to bring one friend.
Cost: to be announced.
June 12, '13
Deadline to sign-up:  June 2
Feel free to bring one friend.
Cost: to be announced.


Many of these events will need adult chaperones and drivers.  If your parents and/or mentor would like to be involved, please let Megan know!  More details on many of these events to come!

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