Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Because I love you Youth, soooo much - I am going into a zone I never thought I would.


I've been avoiding it for a long time...  Thinking I could make it through this life without ever once "tweeting." 

But recently, one of our own informed me that I needed to start.  Apparently, it's the new best way to keep in the loop - and to help you guys keep in the loop, too.

So, as I am learning this new way of communicating, I thought I'd also start a youth blog to keep us up-to-date on what's happening... As well as give you a space to read up on easy ways to live out your faith; share music, movies, and books that are inspiring you; and even start some easy discussions about faith - the comments section is open and ready for thoughts, ideas, questions, and input!

AND - if you have something you'd like to write about - the blog is open for your posts as well!  Just email me your written post and I'll put it on the site for you!

I'd love to see this become a place where we can share the faith journey together - even when we don't see each other every week.  We still can encourage, inspire, and lift one another up - even if it's from online.  I'm all about seeing where this can lead!

So may prayer for today?  That God can help me learn to "tweet" and open all of our hearts to new ways of seeing and experiencing God's love in our world!

What new things are you trying these days?

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